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Out of Network Benefits

We accept clients claiming on their Out Of Network benefits.

What to ask your insurance provider

Before you come for counseling, call your insurance provider to ensure that counseling is an eligible service:

1. Do you cover mental health or behavioral health counseling?

Most insurances cover counselors from a variety of professions (social work, licensed counselors,psychologist, marriage and family therapist. 

 2. How much am I covered for  during the fiscal year? When does the fiscal year start?

Ask the amount of money which you are covered for and how many session are covered per year.

 3. What is the maximum amount paid per session for the therapist?

Insurance companies often pay counselors below the counselor's private practice rate for therapy services. It is important that you know what the insurance company maximum is and what the counselor's private practice fee is.

 4. Are there any deductibles or copay amounts?

Ask for information about any deductibles that your insurance company might charge you if you utilize the money allotted for counselling coverage.