Barbara L. Parker

I'm Barbara, my specialty is helping people that have been marginalized, those dealing with stress, feeling over-whelmed, trauma, relationship concerns, financial concerns, anxiety, and depression. We develop a plan to move you from feeling stressed and over-whelmed to feeling in control again. We work to improve your relationships with your loved ones and yourself. If you are feeling stuck and do not know where to turn. We will help you lighten the burden. We do not judge you because our goal is to help you accomplish your goals whatever they may be. You'll be able to face new challenges with greater confidence.


Mark Googins

I am Mark Googins and I help people become secure in their identity and experience freedom from what is holding them back. As my client you'll begin to experience joy, hope, and reach your full potential. You'll establish a good foundation for a healthy lasting marriage. 

As a veteran that has been deployed; I understand the unique perspective of veterans. I help you transition back into civilian life and deal with trauma. My core values are Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence because I CARE about my clients. I look forward to meeting you soon. 


Carla Stone

Hello! I’m Carla, I work with couples, families, and individuals on reaching goals and working through challenges or life imbalances you may be facing. I have a passion for providing a safe, collaborative, non-judgmental space and empowering my clients to reach their goals. As your therapist, I will assist you on your journey and set you up with practical skills to utilize outside of session. It is important to me that you feel seen, heard, and understood. Together, we can process emotions and identify patterns in your life that are no longer working for you and work towards what is most important to you.

As an MFT-T, I specialize in relational therapy and have worked with individuals, couples, and families on strengthening their relationships and overall relational and life satisfaction. I also have experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, adjustment issues, life transitions, behavioral issues, stress, grief, substance use, and parenting challenges.


Robert H. Kelley, III (Bishop)

Robert has a passion for the healing, development and progression of all peoples and cultures through the holistic development of families, couples and youth. He is also passionate about sharing approaches that bridge the gap between those who have are emotional or mentally
challenges due to seasons and events in their lives. He is passionate about the spiritual, social and cultural upliftment of all peoples as well as those in our community that has been disadvantaged or disempowered. He has been committed to high standards of ethics and excellence in the pulpit
and in the boardroom. 

Over the last 25 year, he has concentrated on developing young families and broken relationships as well as those that are struggling with identity. Robert has a heart for both
narrative and collaborative therapy because it offers the client the opportunity to express their thoughts open, freely and confidentiality especially in cases of emotionally devastation for incidents of crime, war, racial dynamics, abuse, and bereavement.
Robert’s clinical beliefs have also been very celebrated by many institutes and organizations that are seeking and promoting human transformation technologies that resulted in better child development and domestic violence prevention among peoples that tend to have higher levels of
rape and domestic abuse and crime in their communities.

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Jessica Lindsey

I'm Jessica, my specialty is helping people that have experienced trauma and focusing on their strength.  I help people that feel overwhelmed by life and have lost hope. I help them to see the light to create solutions using your own skills.  

As a Native American, Mexican, Irish, Italian woman, I understand the challenges that you may face have had to cope with being judged and make sure that stereotypes are not perpetuated. My biggest hope for you is that your grow in an understanding that your skills shine brightly even if it is different than others.  


Danielle Kelley 

Hi my name is Danielle. I’m passionate about helping clients improve their self worth so that they become more confident and feel empowered within their personal and professional lives. I understand that life gets hard, making it difficult to navigate through life’s transitions. Therefore it is my goal to help clients face life head on and recover from life challenges such as anxiety, depression, identity issues, and to cope with traumatic experiences. I offer an open, safe, supportive and non- judgmental environment where my priority is to support clients in experiencing relief and healing that brings forth peace and overall happiness.


Shawna Graybill

Hi, my name is Shawna. I specialize in depression, anxiety, grief, self-advocacy, and unresolved trauma. I guide and support children and adults to help remove any blockages in their life that may be preventing them from reaching their goals. I help clients find hope, gain confidence, improve their wellbeing, build resilience, reduce negative thoughts, break behavior patterns, adjust to life transitions and heal from their life experiences. treatment approaches is mindful-based , cbt, strength based


Ashlee Austin

Hi, my name is Ashlee. I am passionate about helping individuals find happiness within themselves. As an experienced life coach and case manager I am trained in helping people develop coping skills to overcome barriers. I offer a safe, non judgmental space for individuals to express their emotions. Bringing joy to an individual's healing journey is a form of encouragement. My goal is to empower people to find their voice. Faith is Confidence. Hebrews 11:1