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Barbara L. Parker


I'm Barbara, my specialty is helping people that have been marginalized, those dealing with stress, feeling over-whelmed, trauma, relationship concerns, financial concerns, anxiety, and depression. We develop a plan to move you from feeling stressed and over-whelmed to feeling in control again. We work to improve your relationships with your loved ones and yourself. If you are feeling stuck and do not know where to turn. We will help you lighten the burden. We do not judge you because our goal is to help you accomplish your goals whatever they may be. You'll be able to face new challenges with greater confidence.

Mary Kent


My specialty is helping people improving thier overall health by providing a safe space and  support to address challenges that many people experience such as physical health challenges,  reducing barriers to care, implementing lifestyle changes and/or stages of life changes, increasing emotional stability, and reducing self-harm/harm reduction relating to a history with alcohol or drugs.  We will work together creating a plan to ultimately improve your quality of life and overall well-being.

If you are looking to make some changes but not sure where to go give me a call. BF Empowerment is a client centered counseling agency where everyone is an important person deserving of respect and compassion.

I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor III with over 10 years’ experience in my field and hold a BA from Ashford University in Psychology. My therapeutic style is holistic, direct, and person - centered. I
use a diverse selection of evidenced based approaches such as CBT, DBT, Solution Focused, MI, and IFS to name a few that allows me to meet you where you are at and work with you towards meeting your

I specialize in addiction treatment and dual diagnosis, family reunification, felons with reentry trauma and/or PTSD, military, anger management, and relationship issues that are directly/indirectly related to substance use.
I look forward to working with you but more importantly being “a heart with ears” so you can work through the “What” and live the quality of life that you envisioned. 

Jessica Lindsey

Professional Pic .jpg

Hello I'm Jessica,

My specialty is helping people that have experienced trauma and focusing on their strength.  I help people that feel overwhelmed by life and have lost hope. I help them to see the light to create solutions using your own skills.  

As a Native American, Mexican, Irish, Italian woman, I understand the challenges that you may face have had to cope with being judged and make sure that stereotypes are not perpetuated. My biggest hope for you is that your grow in an understanding that your skills shine brightly even if it is different than others.  

Tabitha Compton


Hello, my name is Tabitha.

I can help you get through difficult times in life that may include but not limited to mental health (such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders), grief, trauma, relationships, addiction, and transitions. I have worked in the field for over 10 years and have my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Liberty University. It is important to treat the whole person looking at each area of their life. Understanding the person through their past experiences and development, can help plan for the future. In addition, our past experiences can help us understand our strengths and weakness to help overcome the current challenges. It is important to have an open, safe, supportive and non-judgement space to work through the challenges for a healing peace and overall happiness.

Sharla Cook


I am a masters level intern, training to specialize in trauma and attachment wounds. My undergraduate work is in studio art and I have personally experienced the remarkable impact of art and expression on the healing of emotional scars. I have extensive knowledge of the nuances of chronic illness, and processing grief for a life that has been forever altered. Therapy is not only for those who can verbalize their feelings. Sometimes words are not accessible to us, especially as children, but that doesn’t mean that deep feelings don’t also exist. I recognize that communication is constant, and as a therapist, it’s my job to listen to what is being said, whether it be through play, story, or visual cues. 


I’m not a traditional CBT therapist, rather I work from a post-modern philosophy using Narrative and Collaborative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and systemic-based approaches. I also use Solution Oriented Brief Therapy (SOBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to best evaluate my client’s inherent resources and personal skills. I have genuine hope for people in their journeys towards living their best lives and look for creative ways to draw on their existing strengths and talents. I am focused on building resilience, self-esteem, and pride in my clients. I feel passionate about instilling a sense of hope, and walking with people as they begin this journey of personal growth. 

Beverly Baddley 

Photo BB_edited.png

Hello I'm Beverly,

My role here at BF Empowerment as a counseling intern, is an extension of what I've done my entire career. I take the trust clients have placed in sharing their journey with me seriously.

I am honored to use my training and past experiences to serve The Lord through clients with compassion, empathy and integrity as they navigate obstacles toward achieving their personal goals.

I love using my gifts to help others reach their God-given potential.

My specialties include assisting with boundaries, domestic violence, homelessness, conflict coaching, mediation, trauma-informed issues, depression, PTSD and everyday hardships of life.

My favorite methods to assist clients are person-centered, narrative, solution-focused and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Ty'Asia L. Jones


Ty'Asia L. Jones, M.Ed., MFT, is a doctoral student at Northcentral University.  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications (B.S.), a Master of Science in Education in Marriage and Family Therapy (M.Ed.), and I am now obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy (Ph.D.) with a general family therapy specialization. I am holding the license of Chemical Dependency Counselor well simultaneously earning my other credentials. 

With over 6 years of experience, I am skilled and efficient in decreasing barriers of addiction and homelessness by supplying substance treatment, recovery housing, and supportive services to those in need in the community.  I have also provided two+ consecutive years of mental health services to individuals, couples, and families, crisis victims and worked with clients with developmental disabilities, as well as with persons with addictions. I believe that every experience in life is part of a system, and if we treat the system, we can treat the current emotional and behavioral triggers.

I specialize in addiction treatment and dual diagnosis, as well as relational issues (in all areas).  My therapeutic style is holistic, direct, and person - centered. I use a diverse selection of evidenced based approaches such as Motivational Interviewing, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, as well as Narrative Therapy.

My mission is to target a negative attachment style, individualizing it and implementing it into the system to reduce mental health diagnosis, as well as substance abuse during recovery or early onset. I am an unapologetic black woman walking in her truth.  I have been working on myself mentally, emotionally, and personally for years, and continue to do that daily.  I have never or will ever allow historical trauma to be a part of my life.  It doesn’t matter about your past, childhood, or adult years when struggling with self-love and care. You determine your destiny because it is not about where you came from but where you are going.  Like myself, continue to walk in your truth and purpose, and be 100% okay with removing any person, place, or thing that feels they can intrude on that!

Stefanie Woods


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13
The Lord God blessed and anointed me to impact and counsel the lives of millions of children, families, and people, especially those that are marginalized and downtrodden. My mission is to teach, counsel, encourage, and empower people to use and learn ways to solve and overcome their own issues within themselves and in life. My purpose is to achieve this and other missions through clinical mental health counseling. In doing so, I aspire to be a licensed professional clinical counselor, focusing on both counseling and medicine. I am very humbled, awestruck, and honored to work and serve as a counselor with BF Empowerment Center as they are an agency that strives for fulfillment and purpose in empowering people. I thank the Lord God for saving me and using me to minister to many people through counseling, and I want the very best for all people, one client at a time. 

Richard Gibson

Richard Professional Photo_edited.png

Hi, my name is Richard Gibson, 

I am the Case Manager Supervisor here at BF Empowerment Center.

I'm a First Generation college graduate within my family, earning a Dual Bachelor's Degrees in Psychology and Pan- African Studies. I can truly say my academic journey humbled me to discover my life passion and Career which is Mentoring, Counseling and Mental Health within underrepresented and disadvantage communities.

Looking back at my beginnings, I would've never envisioned my life to go the way it did and to be now blessed. Growing up I saw a lack of representation of success, which led me into encountering tremendous struggles to forge my own path.

I grew up in a low-income area and was raised by a single mother. All my life, I saw the amount of effort my mother put in to raising my siblings. And all I witnessed, was the hardship, so I knew that I needed to make a difference.

My goal is to assist youth with self-esteem, emotional support, and ultimately share my life experience to instill a sense of belonging in them. 

Takisha Strowder

IMG_1098 (1)_edited.jpg

Hi, my name is Takisha Strowder and I am a case manager here at BF Empowerment Center. I’m currently attending The University of Phoenix for my Master’s in Mental Clinical Health in Counseling. I enjoy using my therapeutic skills and techniques to contribute to the need of mental health services in Northeast Ohio.

I believe I can help my clients by being authentic, sincere, empathetic and understanding. I understand that life can be challenging, frustrating and overwhelming at times because I struggled with homelessness, grief and unemployment for many years. I also watched my family struggle with mental health and addiction. I also saw many barriers being removed for myself and my family by being engaged with community support, resources and therapy.

I graduated from Shaw High School in 2008 majoring in Criminal Justice. I also attended Central State University in 2012 and graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. While attending Central State, I was on the dean's list and I obtained The Psi Chi membership. Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology. I also obtained membership for The National Society of Leadership and Success due to my G.P.A. And academic performance while attending The University of Phoenix. My hobbies are shopping, planning events and playing with my dogs. My overall goal is to remove barriers that people may face due to mental health and to normalize mental health while spreading awareness. 

 I’m excited to be a part of an amazing team here at BF Empowerment Center. 

Krystal Brantley


Hello , I’m Krystal Brantley I am a case manager at BF Empowerment. I have years of experience with providing resources,coping skills and strategies to adults ,adolescents and teen moms in the state of Ohio. I specialize in helping improve mental health and wellbeing with using therapeutic techniques during sessions. This is something I was born to do and also to let my clients know that I will always advocate for them without judgment. My life experiences helped me understand how to relate to my clients on an overall level and also to let them know that life gets better.

Acu’ Phifer


Mindfulness has been an important part of her journey, and she works hard to cultivate a safe space where clients can slow down and be present in the moment. Acu’ believes that mind, body, and spirit all coincide together so they must all be in alignment. “My goal is to help with improving clients’ health, promoting wellness, and enhancing autonomy through engagement, planning, implementation.”  Acu’ has also spent part of her career in human resource roles assisting companies and individuals with employment needs as well as identifying trends in the job market.

Acu’ is currently accepting clients Saturdays-Sundays 2-6p. Mondays-Fridays 2-8p.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, writing poetry, meditating, and spending time with her family.

Suniyah El


I serve as a QBHS and personal trainer within the agency specializing in self-esteem, depression and anxiety management, weight loss/gain and personal development. 


My mission is to guide my clients to resiliency by helping them set & execute goals, teach them the proper form and techniques they need to exercise their mind & body with confidence and treat their health and life like a priority and not a chore. 

Luciana Phillips


I'm a Certified Life Coach who specializes in Finances, Grievance, and Teen Pregnancy. My mission is to give you the building blocks to a better, more peaceful and fulfilling life. Grooming individuals on mindset shifts, self confidence, and self value one session at a time. 

DaVeida Id Deen


I am Daveida Id-Deen bka Ms V, Life Coach and Qualified Behavioral Health Specialist of BFEC.

I specialize in changing negative perspectives into positive possibilities.  I am a personal GPS for those that seek elevation. Qualified to navigate any individual through life. If you get off track, we'll change the route guidance and still get you to your desired goal. Providing innovative ideas and forward action thinking to uncover the best in you. I absolutely love my career. Natural born help mate. I'm here for you & your family. 

LaToya Hood


My name is LaToya Hood and I'm a  dedicated professional currently serving as a QBHS/Case Manager at BF Empowerment Center. With a wealth of experience in crisis intervention spanning over two years, I've become a trusted figure for individuals seeking support and understanding in challenging times.

Committed to making a positive impact in the lives of others,I find fulfillment in helping people navigate through their difficulties. I'm empathetic and have a genuine concern to be a valuable resource for those looking for someone to confide in and share their problems.

I'm currently pursuing a Master of Science in Dual Counseling with a specialization in Forensic Counseling at Walden University. This educational background reflects her dedication to enhancing her skills and knowledge to better assist those in need.

In my professional role,I plan on focusing on working with young adults, specifically juniors and seniors in high school, addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, domestic violence, and providing support to college students. My goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where individuals can openly discuss their challenges and work towards positive solutions.

My passion for helping others, coupled with my academic pursuits, underscores her commitment to making a difference in the field of counseling. I'm  dedicated to providing compassionate and effective support to those in need.

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