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Counseling Internship

BF Empowerment Center provides mental health services to individuals, couples, and families that have been marginalized. Additionally, we offer Intensive Home Based Treatment to adolescent client with severe mental health diagnoses. As well as, employment services, vocational counseling, and case management to improve the clients' functioning their community. Furthermore, we offer substance use treatment to clients. We specialize in working with marginalized populations (racial minorities, sexual minorities, women, veterans, etc.)

What will you learn: 

You'll learn how to diagnose mental health disorders (DSM-V), develop a treatment plans, provide counseling sessions, complete discharges, incident reports, deal with clients in crisis, and timely documentation practices. We use a integrated telehealth platform to provide services to clients.  

Why we do this: 

As a result of our services clients will have increased joy and learn to achieve their goals! Clients will also be educated, empowered, and become more determined. We strive to provide programs and Evidence Based Treatment that: (1) helps families stay together longer, (2) build healthier and more fulfilling relationships, (3) decreases violence in the home, school, and community as well as (4) become more effective advocates.

Why we offer a paid internship

BF Empowerment believes that it is not only our job to empower clients but to empower students as well. We understand that working as an intern and taking care of one's responsibilities is challenging. We want you to be able to choose your education and accomplish your long term goals. Additionally, we offer flexible schedules for our interns.

Clinical Intern Required: Enrolled in Masters Degree in counseling/therapy. A description of the duties of the Intern is as follows. Candidates must have excellent skills in diagnostic assessment and counseling. Be an CT, MFTT, or SWT in Ohio and ability to obtain LPC, LMFT, or LSW at master's-degree level within 1 year of hire date.

1. Be responsible for University learning contract development within University time lines.
2. Complete orientation required by supervisor for BF Empowerment Center. This would include program orientation, policy and procedures, call off procedures, and any other training agreed in student learning contract.
3. Become familiar with all case record requirements for therapy
4. Learn about intake procedures and participate if appropriate. This include reception duties (phone) and enrollment responsibilities.
5. Learn therapy duties by shadowing therapist.
6. Learn therapy documentation.
7. Participate and co-facilitate in therapy group.
8. Attend all mental health program meetings and case record review.
9. Assume special program development need. Example is developing evaluation survey, obtaining resources, developing intern manual
10. If school based collaborate with school in program implementation/development such as peer mentoring, peer mediation, tutoring program, etc.
11. Participate with other BF Empowerment Center programs as identified as meeting student learning contract goals by supervisor.
12. Read required supportive articles or books identified by supervisor.
15. Provide therapy to clients screened by supervisor.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

1. Provide screenings, assessments and diagnoses of mental health conditions and functional assessments identifying barriers to improving and maintaining optimal physical health.

2. Evaluate crisis situations and apply appropriate interventions.

3. Assist in the detection of “at risk” patients and the development of plans to prevent further psychological or physical deterioration.

4. Provide brief, focused interventions for mental and behavioral health problems and disorders.

5. Provide consultation and training to the primary care team to enhance their skill and effectiveness in managing the behavioral aspects of patients; care plans and treating mental health problems.

6. This is a community based position. All sessions will be performed in clients online, home, school, or community.

7, License (LPC, LSW, MFT) with the state of Ohio must be in good standing.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.

Case Manager (QBHS)


  1. Advise individuals or groups with Behavioral Health

  2. Update individual treatment plan

  3. Establish treatment goals and milestones with clients

  4. Prepare progress reports and letters for relevant parties

  5. Educate families and group treatment and prevention programs

  6. Facilitate referrals to other healthcare or counseling professionals

  7. Keep accurate and Medicaid compliant documentation

  8. Work closely with assigned Therapist for maximum client growth

  9. Continually assess Client’s needs and appropriateness

  10. Advocate for clients with collateral supports

Required Skills/Abilities:

  1. Previous experience in case management, social work, or other related fields

  2. Experience working with an Electronic Health Record System of some sort

  3. Experience completing Medicaid Billable Progress notes

  4. Experience in conflict resolution

  5. Compassionate and caring demeanor

  6. Ability to build rapport with clients

  7. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  8. Must have Transportation, Valid License, and Insurance

Education and Experience: 
• High school or equivalent (Required)
• Associates Degree or Bachelor’s Degree (Preferred)

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