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Happily Divorced

Divorce Recovery and Healthy Relationship Workshop

Happily Divorced is a workshop for those that are thinking about divorce/separation, in the process of getting divorced, and divorced. The Happily Divorced workshop is going to teach you how love and trust again. This class teaches how to build a strong healthy relationship, improve communication, overcome risk factors for divorce, overcome the trauma of getting divorce, parenting struggles, strategies of deal with money problems, and make dating fun. 


Barbara Foster is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and an entrepreneur. In 2013 her life looked very different. She became a divorced mother of 3. At that time she didn't know the Passion Powerhouse Keys. She thought that she would never be happy again. She thought that she was a failure. She thought that she was destined to be unhappy, broke, lonely, and over-whelmed for the rest of her life.

Until one day she decided that she was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She decided that she would never get divorced again. She spent the next 6 years learning about healthy long lasting marriages, dating, finances, parenting, intimacy, and communication differences. In the course of her study she learned the Passion Powerhouse Keys to having more fun and joy in her life and relationships. She began teaching the Passion Powerhouse Keys to her clients.  

Her clients began having healthier happier relationships and more fun. They fought less with their significant others. They left toxic and violence relationships safely. Happily Divorced Workshop teaches the Passion Powerhouse Keys to learn how to have a healthy happy thriving relationship. 

Financial Empowerment
Financial Empowerment
Feb 17, 2021, 7:00 PM
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